Lockout / Tagout safety systems

An extremely crucial element of the company's activities is advice and delivery of products in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, in particular popularizing and implementing the LOTO program (Lockout / Tagout)

The LOTO program is a set of specific safety procedures which let disconnect the energy source from devices for the period of maintenance and repair works. The goal of the LOTO program is to protect employees against hazards caused by machines connected to an energy source or electricity. According to EU statistics, about 10-15% of fatal accidents at work and 15-20% of all accidents are related to maintenance work. Typical injuries include fractures, lacerations, loss of limbs, burns and paralysis. A properly implemented LOTO program (proper marking of energy sources, understandable procedures and easily accessible locking systems) significantly improves the safety of maintenance and repair work. The LOTO program is recognized all over the world, it is the best practice in the field of safety in many industries. In the United States, implementing this program is a legal requirement.
Our comprehensive approach to effective control of energy sources includes audits, identification of energy control products, selection and sale of appropriate devices, preparation of understandable instructions, training and implementation of the entire system.

Another project directly related to Occupational Health and Safety is the production, delivery and assembly (together with a subcontracting company) of service platforms, e.g. for fans and valve terminals, and safety ladders that meet stringent OHS criteria.