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The Parason Group is the largest manufacturer and supplier of pulp and paper machines. The products offered by Parason are widely used in Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Paper mills in over 63 countries around the world.

Parason first launched its first pulp and paper research unit in 1977. Parason is focused on continuous development. Many types of research by Parason have shown that the technology that Parason is proposing is not only intended to enable paper mills to improve paper quality but also to reduce the high energy consumption of machines, which is a priority profit point for the paper industry.


The Parason Group produces, among others solid and durable pulpers and hydropulpers. These are machines used in the paper industry. Pulpers are used to make paper pulp from recycled paper. The semi-finished product is mixed with hot water and then ground to obtain the desired consistency. Thanks to this you can filter out non-paper waste. The hydropulper is used in the production of toilet paper. This machine is used for grinding and defibrating pulp, waste paper and liquid food packaging.


Parason offers also spare parts for paper machines such as:

  • refiner plates
  • conical refiner fillings
  • screen baskets, screen rotors
  • pulping spares like pulper rotors/impellors, screen plates


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